Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | August 23, 2018

Reflecting On Where This Book Started

what I’m referring to is a piece of writing I just submitted to the publisher, which I started 15 years ago. I had no idea that I started this piece of writing that long ago, but one afternoon I stumbled across an introduction, a very rough introduction, but an introduction nonetheless that had confirmed this for me. When I start looking back I think this book I just finished was originally going to be called called “The Road To Recovery”. At one time my cousin had even helped me set up a website with the same name, it must be down for years now and I can’t even remember why I ever wanted to call anything the road to recovery. Then there was Fathers Aware, and in 2014 I published a book entitled how to not be an idiot when you get divorced. All of this came out of the belief that divorce was the end-all and be-all problem to society. It is not. Divorce is little more than a symptomatic problem of the overall problem facing mankind. I had no idea.

15 years ago I started with the same intention, with the same message. But over the years I had to learn what was really going on. And over the years some things happened which let me know beyond a reasonable doubt we create our lives and we create our futures, and the creation process starts in our thoughts. I’m still in shock that nothing mainstream teaches us this. The more I realized we are the creators of our future, the more I was led away from believing divorce was the solution. I realized we have to break everything down to the truth, you don’t find truth in reactions.

Once I realized that divorce is simply a reaction, the rest was easy and presto a 40,000 word novel is born. LOL, not so much. I reflect on the past 15 years, thinking about what I had to go through to complete this book. I co-authored a book and published another, I created an organization for men which only proved that society is not equipped for men on a global scale to go through any major mental or emotional issues all at the same time, which ironically is about to happen. I had to lose my business, I had to lose my mind, and in February of 2010 I lost what was left of any of my dignity, and filed for bankruptcy a second time in my life. I would lose my way, I would lose my hope, and worst of all I would lose the relationship with my children, at one point not seeing them for years.

Along the way I have questioned things, with legitimate questions that seem to have answers which are different from what we are told. I have lost friends because of this, I have family that monitors the conversation at family functions because of me, I’ve been told on social media I need to be locked in a padded room. Yet I would rather be locked in a padded room than believe what they tell us, because none of it makes any sense. Some of it’s not even believable without doing any research. I don’t go out of my way to be different, I’m not looking for attention, if I’m being honest I really don’t want to be doing any of this, I just want to be living a quiet life with Jessica. But it doesn’t seem right and it’s affecting everybody. And it’s so blatant something is wrong. Somebody needs to say something.

While writing this book I got to learn why human beings are failing, that we are actually taught to keep each other from success, at times it felt like I could actually feel people’s hands on me trying to hold me back. If you want to know what I’m talking about listen to Tommy Lee’s song hold me down, here’s a link.  Doing something outside the box, questioning the government, questioning the military, trying to find out where the cause of divorce, war and hate was actually coming from. These things actually put a strain on every relationship in my life, like I said put some to an end. Does that even make sense? Shouldn’t the people around me have been supporting me?

The Truth Behind The Lies is about a man who was arrested in 2019 for promoting peace and conscious awareness, he was speaking out against the government and trying to get people thinking for themselves. Eventually he is free from his cage, and finds an empty journal in a farmhouse along the way. In his journal he writes about how he has realized his responsibility in helping create World War III, how he is responsible for being separated from his family and he makes the grim realization that it was not up to the governments or military to make sure that mankind was peaceful, it was up to us.



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