Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | April 30, 2017

Our Nov./16 Trip To Grand Serenis Riviera Maya

I never thought I’d write a blog about a holiday. But since I can’t believe what happened to myself and my wife back in November when we stayed at the Grand Serenis Riviera Maya for a week, I thought now was a good time to start. And yes I said November as it has taken me this long to cool down enough to write a blog that is not biased. Anyway, lets talk about our visit to the Grand Serenis back in Nov. 2016.

At about the 12 hour mark of a long day that included being stuck in an airport, airplane or vehicle I just wanted something to eat, a beer and enjoy the sunshine.

It’s not exactly what I got.

Within 30 seconds of checking in to the grand Serenis Riviera Maya I was already being up sold. You would think that people working at these resorts would know you’re tired and cranky? Anyway, after trying to sell us into a more expensive room I was then informed that the safe in the room was not just available to use, it came with a price. Not only have I never been to an all-inclusive where the room safe was not included, I have never been to a hotel where, if they had a room safe it was an extra charge, ever.

Now that I’m angry about the room safe being an extra charge, I miss my wife being told that Wi-Fi is not included either. And it’s a good thing because had I heard it I probably would’ve gone through the roof.

Finally we get to our room. The first thing I notice is the messy mechanical room which is right outside of our door, unfortunately the door was open. What a disaster in there, and electrical code violations that I still can’t even believe I saw. Within a few feet of water is an open electrical panel. With not so much as a makeshift cover. In Canada the place probably could be shut down for that. I’m now shaking my head for a third time already, or was this the fourth? In less than 45 min. All of a sudden the little things are already piling up.

Finally I actually walk inside our room. As the ceiling fan turns on I can already tell the motor is shot and the fan is out of balance, yet haven’t walked into the main room yet. I look in the bathroom and immediately notice the ceiling is filthy and it’s not put together properly. I then notice the glass door to the toilet offers no privacy at all, and I mean at all. Now I love my wife, but I don’t love her so much that I want to share my bathroom experience with her, nor do I want to share hers with her. More little things making a bigger pile.

By now I’m so mad that all I can think about is emailing my travel agent and freaking out, but not quite mad enough that I actually will. As quickly as I can, I give the bellhop a tip and shoo him out of the room.

I’m tired and hungry and frustrated so we go find food and drink. This makes Jess happy because when I’m fed and watered I behave much better. And she shouldn’t have to deal with me being in a bad mood on holidays.

Upon returning to our room, now in a somewhat better mood, and having let go of the earlier events, I have decided the rest of the holiday is going to be wonderful and I wander over to the desk so that I can plug my iPad in. I went ass-over-teakettle in water and just about landed on my head. (It had been raining and there was now a lake in our room, seeping in through the wall at the desk). As I went to go get a towel, Jess having heard me bitching and complaining about the water went over by the desk to investigate. And as I came out of the bathroom with a towel, I watched her just about land on her bloody head.

I have now had enough. What has happened already in less than 3 hours is unacceptable, unacceptable in a whole week if you ask me. I purchase WI-Fi and jump on my iPad to email my travel agent, the subject line says something like “get us out of here”. (I’m thinking this place must still use dinosaurs to get around because I’ll tell you what, most of us have come to expect that Wi-Fi is available not only at the hotels we stay at, but even businesses like coffee shops).

I am still dumbfounded this place did not include Wi-Fi. Anyway, It was not a good start to the first day, and the only thing that saved this whole experience was the effort made by the concierge to make us comfortable. They should be working somewhere better, they were amazing. The effort was unmeasurable. But they were no match for the resort around them. You can only do with the tools you have.

As an example….

We watched people fall on slippery tile all week. In the same spot day after day. After a few days we started going to sit down with a few drinks and see if we could watch anyone else end up on crutches, like the poor lady on the 2nd day. Yes that sounds sick, but what we wanted to see, was if the resort was going to fix the problem. And the whole week nobody did anything. No sticky tape, nothing gritty……they just left it. Even I just about biffed it, and I knew to be extra careful in that area. They made no effort. It was unbelievable.

The rest of our week was at much the same level. The resort is dirty, filthy in places. Electrical code violations including open electrical boxes within a few feet of a pool. Upkeep was pitiful, so many parts of the resort are in disrepair. The balconies that face the pool our room was near were filthy, you could easily tell they had not been washed in a very long time. The food was OK at best, and the concern of the customer was not high on the priority list. Made for a long week.

We tried, we really did. And a few of the employees made it better. But the overall experience at the Grand Serenis was horrible, it was like nothing I could have expected, especially with the name, and knowing how much my mom enjoyed it about 5 years previous.

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND you spend your hard earned money on a trip to the Grand Serenis Riviera Maya, I would go somewhere else.


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