Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | September 18, 2016

What Colin Kaepernick Is Teaching Us

The title could go on to say “if we would only listen”. You see, when I first found out that Colin Kaepernick wouldn’t stand for the flag during the American national anthem, I immediately thought to myself what an asshole, how dare he do that, it’s a disgrace. It’s already a disgrace that these athletes make so much money when children are going to school hungry every day, now this? And there’s a good chance that you did the same thing, so take a step back, take a breath and think about some of what is going on around you.

I won’t lie, there is some shit happening in Canada (yes I’m Canadian, but I can still have an opinion about standing for my neighbors flag) that is beyond belief, and I’m getting to the point where I don’t feel the same when I see the Canadian flag or when I hear the national anthem. The stupidity of my government is beyond idiocy, and most of my fellow Canadians just accept it.  When I realized that Colin is no different from me, just another guy doing his thing, living his life, and being honest about the way he feels, it made me realize he definitely has a reason too not stand for the American flag. (For those of you that don’t know, Colin Kaepernick is a professional athlete who plays in the NFL and is refusing to stand for the flag because of racial injustice and police brutality in the states.)

Both of these topics finally hit me right in the heart, making me realize there’s a much bigger picture here. Now, besides the racial injustice and police brutality going on in the United States (both being used for profit and control ), let’s look at what these two things are connected too. Because really, these two topics are just the tip of the iceberg  in the states right now. And when you sit down and think about it, these are the things you’re standing for when you stand for the American flag right now. So the first thing Colin has done for me is remind me that everything is connected and I need to remember to look at the whole picture not just certain circumstances.

The American military could very well be the largest terrorist organization on the planet. Let’s be honest, America is nothing but a weapons factory with a list of illegal wars tied to it’s name. And most people nowadays have little doubt that key players in the government and military orchestrated 9/11, and also created the war on terror for profit and control of the population. One thing I have definitely figured out in life is there are two good things that come from war. Profit and Control. They create fear from their illegal wars so that you look to them for safety. Once you become depend on them for safety they can pretty much do whatever they want. And they have accomplished this, at your expense, and mine as well. The war on terror, the war on drugs, and the list goes on. They never realized that we would realize that all these wars are just being waged for profit. So when you stand for the American flag, you stand for illegal wars against other human beings which are set up for profit. And unless you are a part of the 1% in control, the war is against you. And if you can’t see the wars we are in right now are wrong, you are certainly part of the problem. It’s just a no win situation.

Every currency on the planet is compared to the American dollar. And the American dollar is based on the Federal Reserve. I’m not going to get into the Federal Reserve in this blog because it’s too long of a discussion so please do some research yourself. But seriously, how did the Federal Reserve even get created? It is so blatantly wrong in so many ways and when you think about how the Federal Reserve works, it is disgusting. The human being that created the Federal Reserve in his head, does not deserve to stand among us. The Federal Reserve was a set up to enslave every man woman and child within a monetary system that doesn’t even make sense. (JFK made mention of this in a speech he made a short time before he was assassinated). It has no choice but to make a very few very rich and everyone else very poor, everyone, no matter how rich you think you are right now.  I’m not even an American and I’m embarrassed that human beings allowed the Federal Reserve to even come into existence. So, standing for the American flag supports the Federal Reserve. No thanks

The government in the United States is corrupt. It’s not even corrupt in the background anymore. American politicians are now slapping you in the face with how corrupt they are, and you’re still not doing anything about it. Voting does not even matter, years ago it became evident with the whole Bush incident that voting in the states had become rigged. Anyway, the American government (and mine as well) are no longer doing what is good for the country and all of its citizens. Government is doing what is good for government and their own selfish agenda. They have been bought and paid for by the banks and the corporate giants. This in itself is worth taking a knee during the national anthem, to let the government know we are on to them and we are gonna put an end to their bullshit.

Corporate America, what do you even say about this? Greed, consumption, selfishness, I mean it’s just really too much. Your argument is that I’m writing this blog on my iPad so how dare I say anything about Corporate America. But why can’t I have my iPad without Corporate America wanting to control me? The biggest problem of course with corporate America is it’s making the few rich and the many poor. Corporate America also of course fuels the industries that are being used to control people around the world. You could also say that Corporate America has penetrated the health industry, the biggest one being cancer. The reason I mention it of course is because cancer is one of the largest profiting industries on our planet and it doesn’t need to be. Our health has been turned into profit and every step of the way we’ve been used, manipulated and lied to about cancer,those that make the most money from cancer don’t want anybody to know the truth. So standing for the American flag includes corporate America? Again, no thanks

We could go on and talk about oil, energy, and other big industry. And all the other ways we are kept under control. But there’s no point. It’s already very clear that we have come to a point where we have to stand up and ask ourselves what we are standing for. Because it’s all wrong, all of it, and it is all connected. So maybe by getting down on his knee, Colin is standing for something bigger than any of us understand, and also teaching us that we need to think about what we’re standing for. As a Canadian, when I look at the American flag these days, especially in the last week, I’m not seeing much worth standing for. And I think more people need to get down on one knee and together force the government, the banks, and the big corporations to make changes, after all WE are the customers that spend the money. The profit is not worth what we are doing to the planet, nor is it worth what is being done to human beings.

These two things that Colin is standing up for as he is on his knee, racial injustice and police brutality. These two things are precursors to allowing all the other things we talked about today to happen…. How the hell did this even happen? How did people get taught that you are different from someone else because of the color of your skin? How did it get to the point where the police are turning away from being for the people, to being against the people? We judge other human beings because of the color of their skin? How exactly did we get convinced that we need  more tax and another war? The police swear an oath to serve and protect, yet they don’t? And how is it that we only choose our representatives in government rather than voting on the decisions government makes?

None of it makes any sense and were lucky to have men like Colin that are willing to stand up for what they believe in. They teach us to stand up for ourselves and be willing to go against the popular idea of the day. People like Colin remind us that united we stand divided we fall is not just a bunch of useless words. They are the ideology that allow us to make changes, and in our case hopefully get rid of corruption in government and big business. The wars around us are wrong, humans were never meant to kill each other, they were meant to work together, we need to put a stop to the lunatics running the show.




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