Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | August 18, 2016

It’s Not Actually Mother’s Day On Father’s Day

The scariest part of a lie is when something in your life starts off with one. No matter what, when a part of your life begins with a lie, everything after is a disaster. I assure you that I learned that lesson personally, and see the difference in my own life now that events begin with the truth.

As a society we are moving away from the truth, and because of my past I can see it as clear as day. It is no longer about the truth, it is about what we want, what we feel we are entitled too, or what gives us instant gratification. And we will fight to defend what we want with any justification we can find. Be rest assured that you can justify ANYTHING you want.  What will we do as a society that does not tell the truth? No doubt we will continue to move quickly towards the darkest things described in the bible.

This past Father’s Day (2016), there were no shortage of people out there involved in a lie that was outright blatant. It was also outright ignorant and selfish. The lie that I speak of will simply be quoted from two Facebook posts I saw, although there are others.

“Happy Fathers Day To All The Single Moms Out There”

Happy Fathers Day To The Moms Doing It On Their Own”

As a Father, and especially as a Father having been alienated from his Children in the past, I can’t even tell you how insulted I am that people have begun to recognize Mothers on Father’s Day. Not because I have anything against Mothers, but because of how insane it is to think you can recognize someone on a day that is for someone else. The obvious reason for alarm is that Mothers already have a day where they are recognized, but let’s look at a few other reasons.

1) It is a lie. This entire situation starts off as a lie, and we can prove it is a lie because it is also a contradiction in terms. “Happy Father’s Day Mom”. How does that even make sense? You have just recognized someone that is not the correct parent, they are not even the correct gender. The definition of Father’s Day is “A day, usually the third Sunday in June, set aside in honor of Fathers”. This is the simplest answer to the question “What is Father’s Day”?. Which also makes it the truth as the truth is always apparent when you break it down to the simplest answer. As soon as you deviate from that you are lying. Yes of course there are all kinds of situations for different people in the world, I am not disputing that, and I am not trying to take anything away from anyone. I am simply standing up for Father’s Day, and what Father’s Day actually stands for. And Father’s Day is for Fathers. End of story. It is no different than Mother’s Day, Mothers should be recognized on Mother’s Day, and no self respecting man should ever take recognition on that day. The exercise here is to ask yourself, “Am I saying Happy Fathers Day to a Father”? or “Am I saying Happy Mothers Day to a Mother”? There is only a choice between “Yes” or “NO”. Are you willing to do this? Are you willing to be honest or will you justify a situation until you get what makes you feel good?

2) Do you understand the ripple effect your actions have on our society? I want you to consider a six year old child. I want you to consider the confusion a six year old might feel when they see their Mother being recognized on Father’s Day, or their Father on Mother’s Day. To a six year old they don’t see the justification for all this. They don’t know that your ego can justify just about anything to make you feel good for what you are doing, even if it is wrong. All they see is what you are doing. And that is when they learn. I find it odd that we have people saying “Happy Father’s Day Mom”, at the same time in history we all of a sudden have a large number of people saying they don’t know what gender they identify with. Not to mention a large number of youth that clearly live in some sort of insane dream world where reality does not exist. Coincidence? No, I don’t think so. Our actions today are affecting the youth of tomorrow and you can see it. Rather than being the type of adults that support this type of screwed up behavior, shouldn’t we be doing something to prevent it?

3) It is, as I said before, ignorant and selfish. The truth is that Father’s Day recognizes Fathers, not Mothers. as soon as you start saying “Happy Father’s Day” to Mothers, it is no longer Father’s Day. It is now Fathers and Mother’s Day. But it was never meant for that. Sondra Smart Dodd fought for Father’s Day and the first celebration was in 1910, in June, the month of her Fathers birthday. Sondra was adamant that Fathers should be recognized, same as women. However, Father’s Day did not become a holiday until 1966 where in comparison, Mother’s Day was already a holiday in 1914. So for those of you that think I’m being an ass, I’m actually just being honest and following the days the way they were meant to be. They weren’t even started in the same decade, they were never meant to be intertwined. Those of you that recognize a Mother on Father’s Day are taking away part of what makes it special for Fathers and those that recognize a Father on Mother’s Day are taking away what makes Mother’s Day special for Mothers….way to go. Or as Mrs. Brown would say “That’s nice”.

Let’s go even deeper. Maybe some of you think that you are being loving by doing this, but I wonder how you can think love is involved when you started with a lie? And how do you feel when I remind you that by doing this, although you may be making yourself or one other person “happy”, you are hurting millions and helping create a wedge between the sexes, just what the banks and corporations want. As the saying goes “united we stand, divided we fall”, the more divided we are the more we get taken advantage of. So by being ignorant and selfish towards others, you help the corporate monopolies take advantage of us even more. Let me just take a sec and thank you for that.

4) Starting with a lie creates a disaster. I commented on a friends Facebook when she posted a picture wishing Moms Happy Father’s Day. She told me in defense to what I said that she also wishes Fathers a Happy Mother’s Day, let’s make the lie bigger I guess. Anyway, when I said that a man (I actually said man enough, so as to imply someone behaving with respect for others) should have enough respect to not take credit on Mother’s Day, my character was attacked in ways that had nothing to do with the conversation, she even used personal information given in confidence that has no bearing on my life anymore against me. In trying to defend a lie, her ego had to fight back, and in order to justify what she is doing, she had to crush me I guess. Is this how humans are suppose to treat each other? No, of course not. But it does prove that when we try to defend from ego instead of truth and love, humans can become vicious to each other, even people that you have known for some time, not just “Facebook friends”.

4b) While commenting on her post, I made the statements that all of this was “A Lie”, and  “We wonder why kids don’t know what gender they identify with“. Not one person would engage in conversation about that. NOT A DAMN ONE!!!! One lady, a feminist I am guessing even suggested that this is all a “Non-Issue”. We are lying to ourselves and it is a non-issue? We are hurting kids and it is a non-issue? I pray she doesn’t have kids to influence.  Maybe its only me but I get a sense of why nobody wants to talk about the juicy parts……..And I get a sense of why society is falling apart and allowing the banks and corporations to take a strangle hold on us. (But it’s probably a non-issue, LOL. Hows that for Mansplaining? And for your information lady, there are more deadbeat moms out there than dads. Especially the ones that purposely keep the kids away from dad)  If we don’t start having the hard conversations soon we are gonna be in big trouble. Just sayin

We have taken it too far. Our egoic need for recognition and instant gratification is now becoming a liability. If we accept this lie into our society where will we head to? What other lies will we accept as normal? What the hell is wrong with us and just where are we headed? Why won’t most people take a step back and look at what the hell they are doing? It is time to tell the truth again before shit simply falls apart and we hit rock bottom.

Panache Desai says “we must learn to tell ourselves the truth”. And we need to start listening.



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