Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | October 5, 2013

Todays Thoughts 2

Here is a comment I left on a Facebook page today

There are 2 truths that most people will not accept let alone even consider. The 1st is that we are infinite beings with unlimited potential, and we are all connected energetically. Our purpose here is to be love and compassion while being connected to the energy source that created our entire universe. The 2nd truth is that 0.5% of the entire population controls EVERYTHING and they have a serious mental illness. For centuries the “elitist” have done everything they can do to dumb us down, look at TV, why do you think it’s called “TELEVISION PROGRAMMING”? Because they own most if not all the entertainment industry and they are able to manipulate through propaganda. The conspiracy for power and money is so sick and evil, people cannot, and I believe will not accept it’s happening. Just look at 9/11, it’s purpose was to unite the western population against the Muslim faith in hate while at the same time creating fear so that everyone was in support of a war. Can you think of an easier way to control the sheeple than making them mad and scared at the same time? War and hate go against our nature, there is no “us” and “them” we are all one. This question comes from a place that is no different, they are doing this so that we get distracted, so that there is a wedge between people, so that we “hate” and become blind to the fact that we are all one. If everyone joined together in peace there would be no more war but war makes to much money, the elitist can’t handle the thought. Here we go again, you are mad that a “foreigner” is taking a job from a local and you are scared that you will lose your job……scared and mad at the same time, good way to be distracted from the truth. It’s all about money, paper with ink on it. Money is as real as the borders between countries. The planet was not created with any borders, nor was it created with money, yet we let money dictate who we are and how we treat other people.


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