Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | November 12, 2010

The Choices Of A Parent

There used to be a time when parents took pride in the raising of their children. That time sadly, seems to have come and gone. I have been fortunate enough the last few years to have been surrounded by not only good children, but also good parents. Whether it be at the hockey rink, lacrosse field or volleyball court, there are definitely good parents out there. But I wonder why the percentage has to be so small.

My last postings on Parenting, “Responsibilities of a Parent” Part 1 and 2, brought out more of the truth about what is going on in our day and age. And a lot of people didn’t like it. I’m really not sorry about that, and no, I am not going to apologize for writing that it is time to “get off your ass and be a parent”, for those of you that took offence to those words, I encourage you to take a good look within yourself and figure out why you took offence.

Children are such a gift, a miracle that is second to nothing else I have ever experienced. All in one neat little package we are given the opportunity to teach, learn, love, experience joy, fear and anger. We are allowed to make mis-takes with the ability to go back and have a re-take, all the while being able to experience Unconditional Love. As I sit and write, again, on the same subject that has become such a passion, I can’t help but wonder where we have gone wrong. You very seldom hear younger people say the words, “Please”, “Thank you”, “Your Welcome”, and it seems I am a bit out-of-place when saying “Ma’am” or “Sir”. No matter how hard I have tried,  I am vastly outnumbered in influence and even my own children do not show very much  respect to others or even themselves. I put in as much effort as one parent can, to try to influence my children to show respect, and to earn respect, but it is not enough. (Please remember I only have my boys 4 days out of the month) There are so many factors that influence the children of today, Xbox, Playstation, materialism learned through the media, unbelievably unhealthy diets, lack of sleep, but at the end of this list is still one important thing to remember, it is all up to the parent.

As a Parent, you have a choice. Yes, you do have a choice, don’t sit there in shock. Just because somebody created a violent video game does not mean your Child(ren) has to play it. Just because somebody with a warped mind created “Sexy” clothing for young girls, and jeans that hang down to our boys knees, does not mean you have to buy them. Just because everyone else is drinking pop and eating food out of a box, does not mean your Child(ren) have to. Just because “Other kids do it”, does not mean your kids have to do it. It is time to learn how to say “NO” to the bad and “YES” to the good. Put the video games where they belong, in the trash. Teach your Child(ren) to dress in a way that is not disrespectful to themselves (this includes tattoos and holes in their bodies). Take the time to teach your children the importance of nutrition, maybe you need to do that for yourself as well? Expect your children to follow your lead and start being mindful of your manners, and when (well…….if) they act up, don’t believe that a  little dose of discipline is going to scar them for life, that is a crock, believe it or not your Child(ren) want to know that you care enough about them to show them what is right. And your Child(ren) want you to spend time with them, lots and lots of time with them.

Everything in our world is one complete cycle, and it all starts with Parenting. I challenge you, right here, and right now, to step up to the plate and start making improvements in the way you Parent. Even if you are already a great Parent, become better. Stand behind the hard choices Parents have stopped making, not only will you make a significant difference in your Child’s life, but you will make a difference that will be felt through all of society.


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