Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | August 23, 2018

Reflecting On Where This Book Started

what I’m referring to is a piece of writing I just submitted to the publisher, which I started 15 years ago. I had no idea that I started this piece of writing that long ago, but one afternoon I stumbled across an introduction, a very rough introduction, but an introduction nonetheless that had confirmed this for me. When I start looking back I think this book I just finished was originally going to be called called “The Road To Recovery”. At one time my cousin had even helped me set up a website with the same name, it must be down for years now and I can’t even remember why I ever wanted to call anything the road to recovery. Then there was Fathers Aware, and in 2014 I published a book entitled how to not be an idiot when you get divorced. All of this came out of the belief that divorce was the end-all and be-all problem to society. It is not. Divorce is little more than a symptomatic problem of the overall problem facing mankind. I had no idea.

15 years ago I started with the same intention, with the same message. But over the years I had to learn what was really going on. And over the years some things happened which let me know beyond a reasonable doubt we create our lives and we create our futures, and the creation process starts in our thoughts. I’m still in shock that nothing mainstream teaches us this. The more I realized we are the creators of our future, the more I was led away from believing divorce was the solution. I realized we have to break everything down to the truth, you don’t find truth in reactions.

Once I realized that divorce is simply a reaction, the rest was easy and presto a 40,000 word novel is born. LOL, not so much. I reflect on the past 15 years, thinking about what I had to go through to complete this book. I co-authored a book and published another, I created an organization for men which only proved that society is not equipped for men on a global scale to go through any major mental or emotional issues all at the same time, which ironically is about to happen. I had to lose my business, I had to lose my mind, and in February of 2010 I lost what was left of any of my dignity, and filed for bankruptcy a second time in my life. I would lose my way, I would lose my hope, and worst of all I would lose the relationship with my children, at one point not seeing them for years.

Along the way I have questioned things, with legitimate questions that seem to have answers which are different from what we are told. I have lost friends because of this, I have family that monitors the conversation at family functions because of me, I’ve been told on social media I need to be locked in a padded room. Yet I would rather be locked in a padded room than believe what they tell us, because none of it makes any sense. Some of it’s not even believable without doing any research. I don’t go out of my way to be different, I’m not looking for attention, if I’m being honest I really don’t want to be doing any of this, I just want to be living a quiet life with Jessica. But it doesn’t seem right and it’s affecting everybody. And it’s so blatant something is wrong. Somebody needs to say something.

While writing this book I got to learn why human beings are failing, that we are actually taught to keep each other from success, at times it felt like I could actually feel people’s hands on me trying to hold me back. If you want to know what I’m talking about listen to Tommy Lee’s song hold me down, here’s a link.  Doing something outside the box, questioning the government, questioning the military, trying to find out where the cause of divorce, war and hate was actually coming from. These things actually put a strain on every relationship in my life, like I said put some to an end. Does that even make sense? Shouldn’t the people around me have been supporting me?

The Truth Behind The Lies is about a man who was arrested in 2019 for promoting peace and conscious awareness, he was speaking out against the government and trying to get people thinking for themselves. Eventually he is free from his cage, and finds an empty journal in a farmhouse along the way. In his journal he writes about how he has realized his responsibility in helping create World War III, how he is responsible for being separated from his family and he makes the grim realization that it was not up to the governments or military to make sure that mankind was peaceful, it was up to us.



Through it all, I can’t even tell you how embarrassed I am for some of the things I have said, done, and believed along the way. Although I am far more embarrassed for the things I allowed myself to believe. I can only be thankful that I finally woke up, and was able to see what I am living within.

-Jaeson D. Rau-


I’m no different than you, I was born on the same plane, I listened to the same news as you since we were children, and I went to the same brainwashing institution we lovingly call school. I grew up with a globe on my desk believing if I had lots of money, and I bought lots of things, I would be happy. I got lost in sports, TV shows and all the other wonderful brain numbing things there are for us to do in this society we live in. For most of my life I was no different than you, I believed what you believe, and I would have rejected what you are about to read with conviction.

We are taught that government was here before man, it’s OK for a private corporation to control all the money. The economy, which has a life and a science don’t you know, is the way it is and can’t be changed. We are taught that what we buy, some stupid game or TV show is what’s important. We believe when we are told war is “controlled by the terrorists”, and our government is just barely able to keep things under control. I wonder if we believe what they say because everyone is hopped up on pop, fake food and meds, unable to think straight.

Eventually, if we are lucky, we realize none of the distractions they force upon us are important. We have been taught to think that they are, but it’s all just fluff, to keep us entertained, to keep us thinking about, and, talking about something other than what is actually going on, keeping us from realizing it is OUR attention that keeps THEIR insanity alive.

Unfortunately, there is so much useless distraction out there nowadays we think it’s the way things are supposed to be, keeping us from also figuring out that all these distractions have been hyped up to be important so that we willingly let them suck our money from us. It’s not entirely our fault, we put our faith and trust in people who should deserve it, but they don’t. They have abused the power given, and now more than ever, we need to double and triple check what we are being told, by the people who are proving over and over they cannot be trusted.

Even based on the way I treated people in my past, you should absolutely confirm everything that you’re told. I’m just one guy, with a wife and an almost handful of kids, I’m no big player. Yet, if what I say needs to be confirmed, then at what level do you need to confirm the information that we get from the government or the military? At what level do we need to confirm the information we get from NASA, who ironically has a yearly budget of over $18 billion. We’re talking about $18 billion annually here, how can anyone think we don’t need to confirm what’s going on with them?

Part 1

I’m mostly a normal guy, spent the “normal” part of my childhood wanting to be an astronaut, I believed everything NASA said, and I believed we lived in a world where the people we looked to for security and guidance were doing just that. I was excited to vote when I turned 18, thinking I was actually making a difference, not knowing back then that the politicians are just bought and paid for by the banks and corporations. It was a hard lesson learning that, “our right to vote”, is nothing more than going through the motions, like a particular act in a play. It is the illusion of democracy making a man feel like he has a say. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that “Presidents are selected, not elected”. Which seems obviously apparent these days.

Call me whatever name you want, but shouldn’t I be able to question important things, when it seems like those things are different than what I am told?

All you have to do is look at the system for what it is, and you can see that presidents are just puppet’s for the men that truly run the world, I’m pretty sure your vote has never mattered, and neither has mine.

Do you really think so? OK, but how many times have people voted? And when has government ever fixed anything? Ever? When has war created peace or freedom? Ever? When has raising our taxes ever lowered the debt? Have you ever looked at the amount of debt Canada and the United States has? How is that even possible? Would you not agree that if government is allowed to carry this kind of debt, they are not being held accountable to anyone. It is my conclusion based on what is going on around me, the hate, the violence, the war, the debt, and the two puppets pretending to be in power in North America, that something is very seriously wrong with our world.

For years I clawed and kicked and screamed and denied, but I got tired. I got tired of being lied to. I was tired of lying. So, instead of continuing to live my life the way everyone else was, I stopped doing as I was told, and began, with some hesitation, listening to my common sense. I had accidentally stumbled upon a YouTube video that had said this would be a way to make your life better, I had nothing to lose so I gave it a shot.

Living my life based on fact, I immediately felt that something in our world was wrong. At first what I thought wrong was divorce, I even believed it was divorce causing the corruption within our banks and government. I could not believe what I was witnessing and what I was forced to be a part of. Stories that made no sense, stories to my children that don’t even have a known origin, I had to watch my children being used as weapons, I was told that my life was different than what I was experiencing, and then I was blamed. Blamed for everything. It was all a lie, and I was systematically forced out of my children’s lives while they were set up for failure so that I could be called “the bad guy”. I still haven’t figured out why the system we live in forces fathers out of their children’s lives, or what my children did to deserve being forced out of my life.

When I finally approached the system for help, it proved that the well-being of my children was nowhere on the radar. It was proven to me beyond a shadow of doubt that plans for a fatherless society are in full swing. The whole thing was so bizarre I ended up having a nervous breakdown because of it and needing to go to therapy to make sense of it.

However, I was so sure that divorce was the problem, I ended up writing a book that I finally published in 2014. No word of a lie, I did, I wrote a great little book called “How To NOT Be An Idiot When You Get Divorced”, if you, or anyone that you know are getting divorced right now, you should run over to and pick up a copy. (There is a link to the right). While writing this book, I realized the grip government has on us, so this book does not just help with divorce, it helps with lifestyle. Even if you aren’t getting divorced, this book will make a difference if your ready to start living your life differently.

Anyway, my point to all this is I got to learn firsthand about this weird relationship society has between reality and fantasy. Nowadays, because of those lessons from my divorce, I can look out into society and see it there, it may all be different circumstances, but it’s all the same in the sense that things are not being dealt with truthfully and honestly, there’s no effort by people to cooperate or get along. Conversations no longer include fact, as people are more concerned with their opinion, they wanna be right. There is no good reason for this and I see a rant coming, but I need to get back on track. This will have to be another piece of writing.

It’s been really hard to swallow just how wrong I was. Thinking that divorce was the problem is insane actually, it’s unfortunate that it wasn’t until almost 2 years after I published my book that I realized divorce is just another symptom of the much bigger problem, divorce is just another moneymaking distraction that has been set up and put in place to funnel more money. It’s just like everything else! Keep us fighting, keep us identified with something, and make it cost money, or end up making money in some way, not for us though.

The amazing thing about every distraction they’ve put in our way, is that every single penny we spend goes to the banks. It doesn’t matter where we spend the money, or how we spend the money, all of the money ends up at the banks.

The owners of the banks are the people paying our politicians to do what is best for them, not us. Somehow, this does not seem right to me. But then………

We buy the latest gadgets, trucks, cars, and the latest fashion as quickly as we can get our credit limit increased on our credit cards, because we let them fool us into believing that fulfillment is external. So we spend and we spend and we spend some more looking for fulfillment, and we pump our money as fast as we can to the people who have told us that money means control, never questioning that if they have all the money, what will they do with all of that control?

Part 2

Before we go on any further I would like to just talk about one thing really quickly, and that thing is fluoride. For years people have been arguing about whether fluoride should be in our drinking water or not. Some people claim that it’s good for our teeth and we should have it. Some people have even fought to have fluoride in their water. The important question here is, have these people ever looked into what fluoride actually is.

Because really, if you’re gonna have an opinion about fluoride, wouldn’t you find out what it actually is, before you decide to make a decision that it’s good for your teeth?

What fluoride actually is, is a byproduct of aluminum production, and other industrial products like fertilizer. Why would anybody in their right mind fight to have such a toxic product put in what we drink? This is insane at any amount. Anybody that actually knew what fluoride was, shouldn’t want to drink it. Yet there are those of you out there that will tell me that you’re entitled to your opinion. Your opinion is probably based on an advertisement you saw on television, with no investigation at all on your part. Is your opinion really that important? That you would ignore important facts and put all of society’s health at risk?

Am I entitled to my opinion? I think this is insane.

I think that fluoride is in our drinking water because it’s so expensive to get rid of properly, the corporations found a way to get us to agree to drink it for them.

If you think that’s crazy keep reading.

I also find it ironical that I am writing a blog trying to tell my fellow man we have been lied to and we are being controlled, when fluoride has been proven to close your third eye, as well as disrupt the cognitive ability of the brain, essentially dumbing you down. If you have time, research what fluoride has done to lab rats, again, some scary shit going on around us. Makes me pose the question, is anyone actually fighting to have fluoride in our water, or are people being paid to pretend they want fluoride in the water so the rest of us go along with it?

During an argument with an X girlfriend somewhere along the way I was told that I needed to “get with the program”, or, “be like every one else”, or something like that. When she made that statement it scared me so much I immediately swore to myself that I would start looking at what other people were doing before I did what they were doing. What I realized as I looked at what other people were doing, was they were doing as they were told, and they would not question what they were told. As I was trying to find answers to questions created by my past behavior and divorce, I found this to be true over and over. When I realized most people believe the official story of 9/11 without any hesitation, I woke up to the fact that people seem to believe anything they are told, so long as it’s on television, even if it goes against common sense, logic or reason. I also had to accept we have been programmed to reject thinking for yourself, like the thoughts I am writing here. This is why you think I’m crazy, or why you are thinking I should be shot for treason.

You yourself have never confirmed any of what you have been told, but I am wrong? Are you so sure?

Did you ever consider that maybe, the name of the game is not money like we are told? Maybe it’s about control, and those at the top want to be in control. Most of us don’t even consider that it’s just one big business, even though it’s how society is created, I know, because I used to be the same. Then unfortunately, somewhere along the way I learned that the word government translates to “Control The Mind”. NASA translates to “To Deceive”, or, “Greatly Deceive”. Mortgage translates to “Death Pledge”. Nothing to worry about, just three of the most important beliefs in our society. All of them coming from words of oppression? Ya we need to be asking questions. Like…….

Part 3

Why should we question if the earth is flat?

Because if it’s true then we have been lied to. Now, I don’t mean lied to like you’re stretching the truth to impress a new girlfriend. I mean lied to with intent, with this intent comes conscious lying, manipulating, even harm, because the intent is to control the people beneath.

Why would I think that you’re probably asking.

I think it because I’ve grown up on the same plane as you, unfortunately though, a few years back I started paying attention to what was going on around me. Although what I think the important question is, is why some of you may want to hurt me in some way, physically, for even questioning this. Or for others your ego may freak out and you might want to yell at me. Isn’t it amazing how we all live on the same piece of rock hurtling through space, nothing separating us but water, and imaginary man made borders, yet we aren’t able to get along. Aren’t able to wonder why someone else thinks the way they do, refusing to look at their information. Not only can we not get along, we have to run over to other countries with guns and murder innocent people because someone told us that those people are gonna kill us.

Sure they are. I guess. Do you actually believe that? If it wasn’t for our military, especially the American military, and the news you see on TV every day, would it be like this? Would people be psychotic and delusional still? And while I’m thinking about it again, has war created peace or freedom, ever? I’m starting to wonder if we act like this because we’ve been lied to about something huge, something as huge as where we come from. How else do you get people to believe that war can somehow lead to peace? And how do you show people pictures of a perfect sphere, then say our planet is pear shaped, without anyone questioning? Oh this is embarrassing.

Ya, I sit here and wonder how it’s possible that we behave in a way that does not seem normal or logical considering where we are and what circumstances we’re under. How is it that human beings are setting themselves up for destruction, while those that say anything about it are made fun of and ridiculed, or forced into obscurity like Nikola Tesla, a man who is responsible for most of the technology that we have nowadays. His ideas and his inventions were stolen because he wanted everyone to have access, for free if possible. Can you imagine free energy? Nikola Tesla wanted his inventions to benefit everyone, yet most people don’t even know who he is.

Does that even make sense to you? What kind of people would need to be in charge, that would on purpose, keep technological advancements from society? What would your life be like today if the people that are in control would have let Nikola Tesla’s inventions be presented how they were intended, for the betterment of mankind?

Well, unless there was a motive…..

Somehow in my 47 years here I have come to the conclusion that the only way we could be convinced to act the way we act, is if we have been taken away from the true nature of what it means to be a human being. From there, if you start considering the whole conversation, not just the question “is the earth flat?”, you can start considering the things that go along with it, it opens up a whole different set of questions.


Why is this how the Bible describes Earth?

Why are the maps of our world Flat Earth maps until just recently?

If the earth is flat and we are here by intelligent design, is there a God?

Why do so many people have no common sense anymore?

How come every independent test done somehow shows our earth being flat and stationary? How did we get tricked into believing we live in a democratic system, when we’re controlled by a central banking system?

Why is there so much war and violence? And why do parents let their children play violent video games when this is the beginning of our programming?

Does it make sense that we have to go against the laws of physics for the Globe model to work? If the earth is flat and all of humanity has been lied to, what else have they lied to us about? This last question scares me by the way, because I have no doubt they also lied to us about mankind’s greatest achievement, landing on the moon.

Yes they did…. Stop yelling at your computer…….. I don’t care, there is to much evidence proving otherwise. Are you done yelling at me yet? OK good. And I think they lied about it to solidify propagating society with this globe earth lie. Landing on the moon would prove that there is no firmament, thus proving the bible wrong. Leading way for the consumer society, where we are just specks of insignificant dust hurtling through infinite space, shopping is a sport, murdering innocent humans is just a part of it, people think reality TV is real, and your favorite team needs to win or life just isn’t worth living.

The people who grow our food and build the infrastructure of our country get paid peanuts, while athletes and other celebrities who do nothing more than entertain us have every luxury imaginable? They have become millionaires and billionaires off of people living paycheck to paycheck. Yet, cities riot because their team lost, while a bunch of psychopathic lunatics watch us kill each other for fun and profit. Gullible, delusional, insane. How else could you describe us? We should be rioting because athletes and other celebrities make so much money for offering such an insignificant amount of service to their fellow man.

Like it or not, you’re gonna have to just suck it up the same way I did when I realized we have gone insane and there is literally no proof to defend that we live on a globe. Instead, when you go looking for proof, you’ll find, like I did, all the things that they’re lying to us about. Because there’s no proof of a globe earth. There’s none actually, unless you’re willing to accept photo-shopped CGI’s, or the lies of these whack job scientists nowadays, who are probably nothing more than actors anyway.

For about eight years now I’ve been denying, and believing made up tales that explain away why every scientific experiment done shows that our earth is flat and stationary. I’m not embarrassed though, because it’s the same thing you’re doing right now, even though there’s hundreds of proofs that show this globe earth story is a bunch of garbage.

Part 4

Are you still there? You want to know some of the reasons why I’m starting to believe the earth is flat?

1) I am unable to believe without completely ignoring my own common sense that the planet I live on is hurtling through space in three different directions at the same time, traveling faster than the speed of sound, yet I don’t feel anything, and when I look to the stars I see no movement at all. I’m a human being, I know how my senses work, how my eyes work. Not only do I not see or feel any movement of this planet, there has never been an experiment done that successfully proved the movement of Earth. Ever.

We’re moving at over 600,000 mph yet the North Star has stayed in the same position for how many centuries? Two objects that far apart, moving this fast, could never stay fixed on each other for more than a second, yet I’m supposed to contradict common sense and reason and logic and believe that the North Star stays where it’s been ever since I was old enough to remember looking at the North Star? No, I won’t do it. The variables involved have no hope of ever giving you a smooth enough and fluid enough movement that the North Star could stay above us like this for so long. This has nothing to do with my opinion or your opinion. It’s just physically not possible. Time lapse photography proves the stars rotate in a circle around a fixed Polaris anyway……..

2) In order to continue believing I live on a globe spinning on its axis at 1,000 mph I have to also believe that water goes against its own basic characteristics of, 1) finding its own level, as water does not “curve”. 2) Water takes the shape of the container that it is in. This is not my opinion, I looked this up and got it from people who have letters behind their names. It is impossible for water to take the exterior of something. This is physically impossible, so instead of trying to argue with me so that you can have your opinion, I encourage you to do as many experiments as you possibly can and contact me as soon as you are able to get water to stick to the exterior of anything that does not have a bottom pan or a plate on it. Have fun, while the water trickles off of anything that you pour it over, maybe start wondering to yourself what your life would be like if the people that are in charge were no longer lying to you, or manipulating you for money.

3) The math doesn’t work. Like, I mean the math doesn’t work at all. If we live on a globe then you must take into consideration that we are in fact, on a globe, your ability to see far distances is impaired. The earth can’t be a globe while you have the ability to see long distances, you have to pick one or the other. It’s like when people tell me the earth is too big to see the curvature, but then in their next breath they’re telling me that you can see a ship disappear over the curve. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. (some of you who defend a globe model expect the results of living on a plane, it’s quite funny actually).

There is no way that you can see light from a lighthouse 160 miles away. there’s no way that you can see the Statue of Liberty from 60 miles away, even that would be impossible on a globe. Let me repeat that for those of you that want to argue with me, it would be IMPOSSIBLE, Lady liberty would have disappeared under 2,072 feet of curvature. This is not even close to being believable.

The worst part about this is that some of you think I’m wrong, yet you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say “disappeared under curvature”, nor do you even want to know. I’m just wrong and that’s it.

What about ships? When ships should have disappeared below hundreds of feet of curvature, you can clearly see them with a telescope. Ships do not disappear because of curvature, ships disappear because of perspective. This is absolutely proven simply by zooming in with a telescope after the ship has completely disappeared from view by eye. Water is the one thing that proves level, that’s one of its characteristics, and we can measure things on the water over 100 miles away. Again, physically impossible on a globe Earth.

While you’re sitting there shaking your head at me, consider this. Are you really gonna tell me that we can see around corners so that you can keep the globe model alive? Please just don’t. At 100 miles there is 6669 feet of curvature that you would have to look around to see the boat that you are looking at through a telescope. Just put that into perspective, 1.2 miles. You would have to be able to look around a corner that has 1.2 miles of curvature in it. Even at a distance of only 7 miles there would be 30 feet of curvature in between you and what was 7 miles away, unless that object is over 30 feet tall you would be unable to see any of it.

4) One of the first things I had looked into was the Michelson Morley experiment done in 1887, which clearly proves that the earth does not spin. Because of the results I saw from this experiment, I started researching the work of other, more learned people than me. This was the time in my life when I realized we get the information that they want us to have.

To prove this, we simply look to those people with the proper letters behind their name that want to tell you the theory of relativity is still just a theory, because it doesn’t make any sense. Although the establishment would never let you know this if they could help it. If the theory of relativity made any sense, engineers and other, smarter than me people, would not be blowing it apart on YouTube. If we were getting information that was the truth, nobody would ever be able to even put a question to it. This is how it works with the truth.

And really, when you think about the theory of relativity with a keen eye, it just confuses density and buoyancy, not to mention that we aren’t able to confirm the gravitational constant. How can humanity be based on an equation where the constant can’t be confirmed? This makes no sense. If you want to get right down to it, this is where they start taking away up and down from us.

The theory of relativity was introduced so it could disprove the Michelson Morley experiment and keep society blind to the truth. Unfortunately, not enough people look into what they’re told. Even for somebody like me it’s easy to do a little bit of reading on the theory of relativity and realize that it makes no sense.

**it is interesting to note that shortly before the Michelson Morley experiment proved the earth does not move, Dr. Samuel Rowbotham was able to prove that the curvature we are told exists, does not. The theory of relativity may have also been introduced to discredit him and his findings.**

5) To believe I live on a globe hurtling through space and spinning on its axis at 1000 miles an hour I would also have to believe that a hot air balloon can lift off of the ground and somehow, miraculously not be lost behind where it used to be at 1000 mph. When you think about this from start to finish with some logic and some physics, I cannot believe that I ever believed this phenomenon can happen.

I’m tired of ignoring that voice, that intuition. My common sense, and my ability to think for myself are two things that I am not giving up again. If you want to, you go right ahead, but don’t ask me to participate. I gave up my right to think for myself once, you will have to kill me before I give it up again, especially when a little bit of common sense tells you something is not the way you’re told. If the earth were spinning at 1000 mph we would know. We would know for sure!

I’m going to stop here. I could go to 10 or I can go to 200. If you give me a couple of days I’ll go to hundreds more reasons why I think I do not live on a globe hurtling through space at 600,000 miles an hour moving in three different directions at the same time. I can show you pictures, and share experiments, I would explain how I interpret the math. But the reason I’m going to stop here, is because I could never get here trying to prove that the earth I live on is a globe. Unless I’m willing to lie to you and unless I’m willing to ignore my common sense, I can’t give even one believable example of why I should believe the earth is a ball.

Let me ask you another question. Does it mean anything to you that I can’t give you one example that proves the planet we live on is a globe? If it were the truth, shouldn’t I be able to give you many examples? Aside from, I learned it in school, and, here look at this fake picture from NASA, I have nothing. Weird. Anything that has ever been truth in my life, I have been able to prove. Eight years later I can’t prove this. How can I not prove the earth is a globe, when it’s what I am suppose to be living on?

Part 5

We have been taught to forget that we live only in the present moment. We’ve been programmed to be caught up in the drama, the despair, the wanting. It all comes out of nowhere, it goes nowhere, it never goes anywhere. It is simply a man-made idea that people have put their belief into, like government, and banks.

This conversation, why should we care if the earth is flat? Has more important things to talk about than whether the Earth is actually flat or not, because it is not just another distraction. It is THE distraction. It is the first distraction, the one that removes God, morals, common sense, empathy, community. This is the distraction that sets us up to believe all the rest of the bullshit, like war is a normal human trait. If what we are told about the earth is true, it disproves the Bible and means that were nothing more than a bunch of self-righteous know it all’s that truly deserve instant gratification, because there is nothing bigger than us, and the planet we live on defies the laws of physics.

You and I both know human beings do not fit that model at all. Human beings are loving and compassionate, they are warm, and deep down we all have an innate desire to want to help each other. We have been programmed. We have been programmed to hate, to believe in war, and to question our own senses so we can be controlled and those at the top have it all. This was proven in the mid-1900s when the standard tuning of music was changed from 432 Hz to 440 Hz. Basically, music was changed from a frequency of peace, love, compassion to a frequency of hate, anger, anxiety. Insane to question? Really? Which of those traits do you see out in society today? Why does this behavior make so much more money for the people at the top? Would you sit down to question why anybody in their right mind would change the standard tuning of music like that? Wonder what happens when you combine this with fluoride in the water?

I don’t feel the earth move, and neither do you. I’ve never actually seen the curvature of the earth, and neither have you. Those of you that have commented on my social media that you’ve seen the curvature of our planet, I used to think I could see the curvature as well. The sad truth is we see it because we are told it’s there. The only curvature that any of us have ever seen is with a fish-eye lens, or from NASA, with their obviously fake photos. We need to wake up, we believe absolute rubbish.

Why you should care if the earth is flat has nothing to do with whether the earth is flat or not. It has to do with society being lied to and manipulated by the people we are supposed to be able to trust. It has to do with us not knowing where we come from or what our abilities are, it has to do with what our purpose is.

It has to do with if you are able to accomplish your purpose while you are here.

They have taught us that we are in it for ourselves, yet we are far more successful as individuals when we help and support each other.

Will you have that ability to accomplish your purpose if you are being lied to about where you come from, or who you are?

Part 6 My Final Thoughts



We, have no idea what is really going on. All I can tell you as I sit here writing this, shaking my head, is I understand that I stand by myself. Yet I can’t seem to figure out how society was trained to go against each other, and ridicule people questioning the things that don’t make sense. We are in this together, and we need to watch out for each other.

For most of my life I believed I lived on a globe, and if you showed me a picture of a flat horizon I probably would’ve told you that I saw curvature in it. How is it that I can look at that same picture today, obviously see that the horizon is flat, yet be scared to say something? Not question why the difference in thought. Scared to say to my fellow man, hey, does this look right to you, it’s flat? None of this makes any sense. Everything is backwards. You can’t even go through life without being scared of the police anymore, also people who we’re supposed to be able to trust, I’m noticing a pattern.

You make fun of myself and others for asking questions that have merit. I’ve had enough and I think other people have had enough. I mean really, aren’t you sick and tired of not having a connection to the planet you live on? Aren’t you sick and tired of the stress and depression that is caused from not living your life honestly? Are you sick and tired enough to stand up and say something? Aren’t you tired of saying others are wrong, when you haven’t got a clue what your talking about?

We are an embarrassment, just sayin……

The products we make are embarrassing considering the ability that human beings have, most take no pride in themselves, amazing how many people just accept obesity as if the human body was ever supposed to be treated this way. For someone who actually takes pride in what he does, they are called “obsessive-compulsive”? You are judged and given a title implying that something is wrong when you take pride in the work that you do. Does that even make sense? Shouldn’t these be the people setting the bar?

When children are fed a toxic diet, get no exercise, play violent video games, watch shows with sex and violence in them, and are left to fend for themselves. When something goes wrong with that child, rather than talk about all of the things that the parents need to change, we medicate the child. What the hell are we doing? Medicating children instead of parenting better? Making fun of people who take pride. Telling someone they are wrong about something you have never even looked into. Suing someone in court because they said something that doesn’t put a smile on your face? I could go on for hours but this is depressing. It’s depressing because it’s so obvious that it’s all connected, we affect each other, yet all we want to do is fight with each other and be right.

We got here because of the people that can think for themselves, but haven’t said anything. The people who think they can’t make a difference, the people who are scared of the people who make fun of people that ask questions. It’s time to stop being scared, in numbers, society will be able to see that standing up for ourselves needs to be done, we have been lied to and we need to do something about it. Stop being scared, those that are scared to think for themselves need to see people confident in their convictions so that they too can become brave enough to start thinking for themselves. We are all connected. We are all in it together. If only one succeeds then nobody succeeds.

You alone are the change this world needs to see so that as a society we can change course. The people who are oppressing society do not need to be fought against or killed. We need to rise above petty violence, they need to be ignored, and we need to take our common sense back, start living our lives more like how human beings are supposed to live their lives. We don’t actually need their control, we can live based on what god wanted. Some good starting points would be

– a proper diet and exercise

– getting rid of your satellite television subscription

– meditation

– get off the medication

– spend time with your family

– stop supporting the war, professional sports and other distractions where your money makes entertainers millionaires.

– actually live within your means

– get rid of most of, if not all of your debt, even if it means a less fancy house or truck in the driveway.

Take a step back from what you have been told for your whole life and analyze everything. The insanity has gone too far, and we have given them too much power, we can no longer rely on government to make the changes we need to see.

Our world is a world built on lies, fear and debt, controlled by a central banking system. If each of us don’t start making the changes the world needs to see, it will be too late.

Why should we question if the earth is flat?

Because we all know something is wrong, and deep down, we know that it’s gonna take all of us working together to make this right.

Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | March 5, 2018

If I Were The Devil

Back in 1965, Paul Harvey had something to say about the devil that I feel is very profound. 48 years later as I sit here thinking about what I’ve read, two very specific thoughts come to mind.

the first is this. We are living our lives to the letter of what is written below and I don’t understand why. how it is that as a people, or species on this planet we have not been able to come together with peace, love, compassion and a desire for everyone to live their lives to the fullest during their time on this planet? The pointers are all there, the piece of writing you find below is just one example of a pointer that is literally screaming at you to wake up and become a part of the solution.

The second thing that comes to mind for me after reading this piece of writing is that my image of what “The Devil” is has just changed. I used to think “The Devil” was red with horns and a tail, you know the rest. Anyway, my image of “The Devil”  is now this. “The Devil” is not a person or being of any kind. “The Devil”  is the term used when humanity turns their back on peace, love and compassion as a whole, or at least a majority. “The Devil” simply describes the actions of the human beings living on this planet. The other way that we can say it is that humanity is emulating what “The Devil” stands for. And in both analogies humanity is proving that I’m right. Everywhere that you look on this planet right now you find greed, hate, lust, blame, violence and corruption that staggers the imagination. I’d say “The Devil” is already here.

For those of you that are saying to yourselves right now that I need to get with the times, maybe you need to make the realization that just because it’s happening does not mean that it’s good. The other thing you need to do is remember that we are human beings and we have the gift of conscious awareness and we have the ability to learn from our mistakes. You especially are the people who need to read the article below, read it more than once

If I Were The Devil written by Paul Harvey in 1965

If I were the Devil . . . I mean, if I were the Prince of Darkness, I would of course, want to engulf the whole earth in darkness. I would have a third of its real estate and four-fifths of its population, but I would not be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree, so I should set about however necessary to take over the United States. I would begin with a campaign of whispers. With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve: “Do as you please.” “Do as you please.”   To the young, I would whisper, “The Bible is a myth.” I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around. I would confide that what is bad is good, and what is good is “square”.  In the ears of the young married, I would whisper that work is debasing, that cocktail parties are good for you. I would caution them not to be extreme in religion, in patriotism, in moral conduct. And the old, I would teach to pray. I would teach them to say after me: “Our Father, which art in Washington” . . .

If I were the devil, I’d educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting so that anything else would appear dull an uninteresting. I’d threaten T.V. with dirtier movies and vice versa. And then, if I were the devil, I’d get organized. I’d infiltrate unions and urge more loafing and less work, because idle hands usually work for me. I’d peddle narcotics to whom I could. I’d sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction. And I’d tranquilize the rest with pills. If I were the devil, I would encourage schools to refine young intellects but neglect to discipline emotions . . . let those run wild. I would designate an atheist to front for me before the highest courts in the land and I would get preachers to say “she’s right.” With flattery and promises of power, I could get the courts to rule what I construe as against God and in favor of pornography, and  thus, I would evict God from the courthouse, and then from the school-house, and then from the houses of Congress and then, in His own churches I would substitute psychology for religion, and I would deify science because that way men would become smart enough to create super weapons but not wise enough to control them.

If I were Satan, I’d make the symbol of Easter an egg, and the symbol of Christmas, a bottle. If  I were the devil, I would take from those who have and I would give to those who wanted, until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious. And then, my police state would force everybody back to work. Then, I could separate families, putting children in uniform, women in coal mines, and objectors in slave camps. In other words, if I were Satan, I’d just keep on doing what he’s doing.

Paul Harvey, Good Day.

Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | May 1, 2017

Would You Take Any Responsibility?

When you take a good look around, it’s actually hard to believe what’s going on right in front of us. I mean really, the government, corporations and military are so corrupt, and so clearly doing the opposite of what they should be. Yet it continues. Yet it becomes worse. How is this even possible?

It has become possible because you believe voting matters.

It has become possible because you believe that there is another human being on this planet that is your enemy.

It has become possible because you allow the people that tell us we have enemies, to tell you that you have an enemy. And you believe them.

It has become possible because our education system in this country does not actually teach you anything about life or the banks or a mortgage or having a fight with your spouse.

It has become possible because you don’t say anything. It has become possible because you want to fit in. And it has become possible because you look at me based on the clothes I’m wearing or the vehicle I’m driving.

It has become possible because you know more about your team or tv show than you know about how our banking system works, or what the federal reserve is and how it works. Or the real reason we have war.

It has become possible because in our society right now as I speak, truth is stranger than fiction.

It continues because each of us thinks that it’s someone else’s responsibility to change.

Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | April 30, 2017

Our Nov./16 Trip To Grand Serenis Riviera Maya

I never thought I’d write a blog about a holiday. But since I can’t believe what happened to myself and my wife back in November when we stayed at the Grand Serenis Riviera Maya for a week, I thought now was a good time to start. And yes I said November as it has taken me this long to cool down enough to write a blog that is not biased. Anyway, lets talk about our visit to the Grand Serenis back in Nov. 2016.

At about the 12 hour mark of a long day that included being stuck in an airport, airplane or vehicle I just wanted something to eat, a beer and enjoy the sunshine.

It’s not exactly what I got.

Within 30 seconds of checking in to the grand Serenis Riviera Maya I was already being up sold. You would think that people working at these resorts would know you’re tired and cranky? Anyway, after trying to sell us into a more expensive room I was then informed that the safe in the room was not just available to use, it came with a price. Not only have I never been to an all-inclusive where the room safe was not included, I have never been to a hotel where, if they had a room safe it was an extra charge, ever.

Now that I’m angry about the room safe being an extra charge, I miss my wife being told that Wi-Fi is not included either. And it’s a good thing because had I heard it I probably would’ve gone through the roof.

Finally we get to our room. The first thing I notice is the messy mechanical room which is right outside of our door, unfortunately the door was open. What a disaster in there, and electrical code violations that I still can’t even believe I saw. Within a few feet of water is an open electrical panel. With not so much as a makeshift cover. In Canada the place probably could be shut down for that. I’m now shaking my head for a third time already, or was this the fourth? In less than 45 min. All of a sudden the little things are already piling up.

Finally I actually walk inside our room. As the ceiling fan turns on I can already tell the motor is shot and the fan is out of balance, yet haven’t walked into the main room yet. I look in the bathroom and immediately notice the ceiling is filthy and it’s not put together properly. I then notice the glass door to the toilet offers no privacy at all, and I mean at all. Now I love my wife, but I don’t love her so much that I want to share my bathroom experience with her, nor do I want to share hers with her. More little things making a bigger pile.

By now I’m so mad that all I can think about is emailing my travel agent and freaking out, but not quite mad enough that I actually will. As quickly as I can, I give the bellhop a tip and shoo him out of the room.

I’m tired and hungry and frustrated so we go find food and drink. This makes Jess happy because when I’m fed and watered I behave much better. And she shouldn’t have to deal with me being in a bad mood on holidays.

Upon returning to our room, now in a somewhat better mood, and having let go of the earlier events, I have decided the rest of the holiday is going to be wonderful and I wander over to the desk so that I can plug my iPad in. I went ass-over-teakettle in water and just about landed on my head. (It had been raining and there was now a lake in our room, seeping in through the wall at the desk). As I went to go get a towel, Jess having heard me bitching and complaining about the water went over by the desk to investigate. And as I came out of the bathroom with a towel, I watched her just about land on her bloody head.

I have now had enough. What has happened already in less than 3 hours is unacceptable, unacceptable in a whole week if you ask me. I purchase WI-Fi and jump on my iPad to email my travel agent, the subject line says something like “get us out of here”. (I’m thinking this place must still use dinosaurs to get around because I’ll tell you what, most of us have come to expect that Wi-Fi is available not only at the hotels we stay at, but even businesses like coffee shops).

I am still dumbfounded this place did not include Wi-Fi. Anyway, It was not a good start to the first day, and the only thing that saved this whole experience was the effort made by the concierge to make us comfortable. They should be working somewhere better, they were amazing. The effort was unmeasurable. But they were no match for the resort around them. You can only do with the tools you have.

As an example….

We watched people fall on slippery tile all week. In the same spot day after day. After a few days we started going to sit down with a few drinks and see if we could watch anyone else end up on crutches, like the poor lady on the 2nd day. Yes that sounds sick, but what we wanted to see, was if the resort was going to fix the problem. And the whole week nobody did anything. No sticky tape, nothing gritty……they just left it. Even I just about biffed it, and I knew to be extra careful in that area. They made no effort. It was unbelievable.

The rest of our week was at much the same level. The resort is dirty, filthy in places. Electrical code violations including open electrical boxes within a few feet of a pool. Upkeep was pitiful, so many parts of the resort are in disrepair. The balconies that face the pool our room was near were filthy, you could easily tell they had not been washed in a very long time. The food was OK at best, and the concern of the customer was not high on the priority list. Made for a long week.

We tried, we really did. And a few of the employees made it better. But the overall experience at the Grand Serenis was horrible, it was like nothing I could have expected, especially with the name, and knowing how much my mom enjoyed it about 5 years previous.

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND you spend your hard earned money on a trip to the Grand Serenis Riviera Maya, I would go somewhere else.

Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | September 18, 2016

What Colin Kaepernick Is Teaching Us

The title could go on to say “if we would only listen”. You see, when I first found out that Colin Kaepernick wouldn’t stand for the flag during the American national anthem, I immediately thought to myself what an asshole, how dare he do that, it’s a disgrace. It’s already a disgrace that these athletes make so much money when children are going to school hungry every day, now this? And there’s a good chance that you did the same thing, so take a step back, take a breath and think about some of what is going on around you.

I won’t lie, there is some shit happening in Canada (yes I’m Canadian, but I can still have an opinion about standing for my neighbors flag) that is beyond belief, and I’m getting to the point where I don’t feel the same when I see the Canadian flag or when I hear the national anthem. The stupidity of my government is beyond idiocy, and most of my fellow Canadians just accept it.  When I realized that Colin is no different from me, just another guy doing his thing, living his life, and being honest about the way he feels, it made me realize he definitely has a reason too not stand for the American flag. (For those of you that don’t know, Colin Kaepernick is a professional athlete who plays in the NFL and is refusing to stand for the flag because of racial injustice and police brutality in the states.)

Both of these topics finally hit me right in the heart, making me realize there’s a much bigger picture here. Now, besides the racial injustice and police brutality going on in the United States (both being used for profit and control ), let’s look at what these two things are connected too. Because really, these two topics are just the tip of the iceberg  in the states right now. And when you sit down and think about it, these are the things you’re standing for when you stand for the American flag right now. So the first thing Colin has done for me is remind me that everything is connected and I need to remember to look at the whole picture not just certain circumstances.

The American military could very well be the largest terrorist organization on the planet. Let’s be honest, America is nothing but a weapons factory with a list of illegal wars tied to it’s name. And most people nowadays have little doubt that key players in the government and military orchestrated 9/11, and also created the war on terror for profit and control of the population. One thing I have definitely figured out in life is there are two good things that come from war. Profit and Control. They create fear from their illegal wars so that you look to them for safety. Once you become depend on them for safety they can pretty much do whatever they want. And they have accomplished this, at your expense, and mine as well. The war on terror, the war on drugs, and the list goes on. They never realized that we would realize that all these wars are just being waged for profit. So when you stand for the American flag, you stand for illegal wars against other human beings which are set up for profit. And unless you are a part of the 1% in control, the war is against you. And if you can’t see the wars we are in right now are wrong, you are certainly part of the problem. It’s just a no win situation.

Every currency on the planet is compared to the American dollar. And the American dollar is based on the Federal Reserve. I’m not going to get into the Federal Reserve in this blog because it’s too long of a discussion so please do some research yourself. But seriously, how did the Federal Reserve even get created? It is so blatantly wrong in so many ways and when you think about how the Federal Reserve works, it is disgusting. The human being that created the Federal Reserve in his head, does not deserve to stand among us. The Federal Reserve was a set up to enslave every man woman and child within a monetary system that doesn’t even make sense. (JFK made mention of this in a speech he made a short time before he was assassinated). It has no choice but to make a very few very rich and everyone else very poor, everyone, no matter how rich you think you are right now.  I’m not even an American and I’m embarrassed that human beings allowed the Federal Reserve to even come into existence. So, standing for the American flag supports the Federal Reserve. No thanks

The government in the United States is corrupt. It’s not even corrupt in the background anymore. American politicians are now slapping you in the face with how corrupt they are, and you’re still not doing anything about it. Voting does not even matter, years ago it became evident with the whole Bush incident that voting in the states had become rigged. Anyway, the American government (and mine as well) are no longer doing what is good for the country and all of its citizens. Government is doing what is good for government and their own selfish agenda. They have been bought and paid for by the banks and the corporate giants. This in itself is worth taking a knee during the national anthem, to let the government know we are on to them and we are gonna put an end to their bullshit.

Corporate America, what do you even say about this? Greed, consumption, selfishness, I mean it’s just really too much. Your argument is that I’m writing this blog on my iPad so how dare I say anything about Corporate America. But why can’t I have my iPad without Corporate America wanting to control me? The biggest problem of course with corporate America is it’s making the few rich and the many poor. Corporate America also of course fuels the industries that are being used to control people around the world. You could also say that Corporate America has penetrated the health industry, the biggest one being cancer. The reason I mention it of course is because cancer is one of the largest profiting industries on our planet and it doesn’t need to be. Our health has been turned into profit and every step of the way we’ve been used, manipulated and lied to about cancer,those that make the most money from cancer don’t want anybody to know the truth. So standing for the American flag includes corporate America? Again, no thanks

We could go on and talk about oil, energy, and other big industry. And all the other ways we are kept under control. But there’s no point. It’s already very clear that we have come to a point where we have to stand up and ask ourselves what we are standing for. Because it’s all wrong, all of it, and it is all connected. So maybe by getting down on his knee, Colin is standing for something bigger than any of us understand, and also teaching us that we need to think about what we’re standing for. As a Canadian, when I look at the American flag these days, especially in the last week, I’m not seeing much worth standing for. And I think more people need to get down on one knee and together force the government, the banks, and the big corporations to make changes, after all WE are the customers that spend the money. The profit is not worth what we are doing to the planet, nor is it worth what is being done to human beings.

These two things that Colin is standing up for as he is on his knee, racial injustice and police brutality. These two things are precursors to allowing all the other things we talked about today to happen…. How the hell did this even happen? How did people get taught that you are different from someone else because of the color of your skin? How did it get to the point where the police are turning away from being for the people, to being against the people? We judge other human beings because of the color of their skin? How exactly did we get convinced that we need  more tax and another war? The police swear an oath to serve and protect, yet they don’t? And how is it that we only choose our representatives in government rather than voting on the decisions government makes?

None of it makes any sense and were lucky to have men like Colin that are willing to stand up for what they believe in. They teach us to stand up for ourselves and be willing to go against the popular idea of the day. People like Colin remind us that united we stand divided we fall is not just a bunch of useless words. They are the ideology that allow us to make changes, and in our case hopefully get rid of corruption in government and big business. The wars around us are wrong, humans were never meant to kill each other, they were meant to work together, we need to put a stop to the lunatics running the show.



Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | August 18, 2016

It’s Not Actually Mother’s Day On Father’s Day

The scariest part of a lie is when something in your life starts off with one. No matter what, when a part of your life begins with a lie, everything after is a disaster. I assure you that I learned that lesson personally, and see the difference in my own life now that events begin with the truth.

As a society we are moving away from the truth, and because of my past I can see it as clear as day. It is no longer about the truth, it is about what we want, what we feel we are entitled too, or what gives us instant gratification. And we will fight to defend what we want with any justification we can find. Be rest assured that you can justify ANYTHING you want.  What will we do as a society that does not tell the truth? No doubt we will continue to move quickly towards the darkest things described in the bible.

This past Father’s Day (2016), there were no shortage of people out there involved in a lie that was outright blatant. It was also outright ignorant and selfish. The lie that I speak of will simply be quoted from two Facebook posts I saw, although there are others.

“Happy Fathers Day To All The Single Moms Out There”

Happy Fathers Day To The Moms Doing It On Their Own”

As a Father, and especially as a Father having been alienated from his Children in the past, I can’t even tell you how insulted I am that people have begun to recognize Mothers on Father’s Day. Not because I have anything against Mothers, but because of how insane it is to think you can recognize someone on a day that is for someone else. The obvious reason for alarm is that Mothers already have a day where they are recognized, but let’s look at a few other reasons.

1) It is a lie. This entire situation starts off as a lie, and we can prove it is a lie because it is also a contradiction in terms. “Happy Father’s Day Mom”. How does that even make sense? You have just recognized someone that is not the correct parent, they are not even the correct gender. The definition of Father’s Day is “A day, usually the third Sunday in June, set aside in honor of Fathers”. This is the simplest answer to the question “What is Father’s Day”?. Which also makes it the truth as the truth is always apparent when you break it down to the simplest answer. As soon as you deviate from that you are lying. Yes of course there are all kinds of situations for different people in the world, I am not disputing that, and I am not trying to take anything away from anyone. I am simply standing up for Father’s Day, and what Father’s Day actually stands for. And Father’s Day is for Fathers. End of story. It is no different than Mother’s Day, Mothers should be recognized on Mother’s Day, and no self respecting man should ever take recognition on that day. The exercise here is to ask yourself, “Am I saying Happy Fathers Day to a Father”? or “Am I saying Happy Mothers Day to a Mother”? There is only a choice between “Yes” or “NO”. Are you willing to do this? Are you willing to be honest or will you justify a situation until you get what makes you feel good?

2) Do you understand the ripple effect your actions have on our society? I want you to consider a six year old child. I want you to consider the confusion a six year old might feel when they see their Mother being recognized on Father’s Day, or their Father on Mother’s Day. To a six year old they don’t see the justification for all this. They don’t know that your ego can justify just about anything to make you feel good for what you are doing, even if it is wrong. All they see is what you are doing. And that is when they learn. I find it odd that we have people saying “Happy Father’s Day Mom”, at the same time in history we all of a sudden have a large number of people saying they don’t know what gender they identify with. Not to mention a large number of youth that clearly live in some sort of insane dream world where reality does not exist. Coincidence? No, I don’t think so. Our actions today are affecting the youth of tomorrow and you can see it. Rather than being the type of adults that support this type of screwed up behavior, shouldn’t we be doing something to prevent it?

3) It is, as I said before, ignorant and selfish. The truth is that Father’s Day recognizes Fathers, not Mothers. as soon as you start saying “Happy Father’s Day” to Mothers, it is no longer Father’s Day. It is now Fathers and Mother’s Day. But it was never meant for that. Sondra Smart Dodd fought for Father’s Day and the first celebration was in 1910, in June, the month of her Fathers birthday. Sondra was adamant that Fathers should be recognized, same as women. However, Father’s Day did not become a holiday until 1966 where in comparison, Mother’s Day was already a holiday in 1914. So for those of you that think I’m being an ass, I’m actually just being honest and following the days the way they were meant to be. They weren’t even started in the same decade, they were never meant to be intertwined. Those of you that recognize a Mother on Father’s Day are taking away part of what makes it special for Fathers and those that recognize a Father on Mother’s Day are taking away what makes Mother’s Day special for Mothers….way to go. Or as Mrs. Brown would say “That’s nice”.

Let’s go even deeper. Maybe some of you think that you are being loving by doing this, but I wonder how you can think love is involved when you started with a lie? And how do you feel when I remind you that by doing this, although you may be making yourself or one other person “happy”, you are hurting millions and helping create a wedge between the sexes, just what the banks and corporations want. As the saying goes “united we stand, divided we fall”, the more divided we are the more we get taken advantage of. So by being ignorant and selfish towards others, you help the corporate monopolies take advantage of us even more. Let me just take a sec and thank you for that.

4) Starting with a lie creates a disaster. I commented on a friends Facebook when she posted a picture wishing Moms Happy Father’s Day. She told me in defense to what I said that she also wishes Fathers a Happy Mother’s Day, let’s make the lie bigger I guess. Anyway, when I said that a man (I actually said man enough, so as to imply someone behaving with respect for others) should have enough respect to not take credit on Mother’s Day, my character was attacked in ways that had nothing to do with the conversation, she even used personal information given in confidence that has no bearing on my life anymore against me. In trying to defend a lie, her ego had to fight back, and in order to justify what she is doing, she had to crush me I guess. Is this how humans are suppose to treat each other? No, of course not. But it does prove that when we try to defend from ego instead of truth and love, humans can become vicious to each other, even people that you have known for some time, not just “Facebook friends”.

4b) While commenting on her post, I made the statements that all of this was “A Lie”, and  “We wonder why kids don’t know what gender they identify with“. Not one person would engage in conversation about that. NOT A DAMN ONE!!!! One lady, a feminist I am guessing even suggested that this is all a “Non-Issue”. We are lying to ourselves and it is a non-issue? We are hurting kids and it is a non-issue? I pray she doesn’t have kids to influence.  Maybe its only me but I get a sense of why nobody wants to talk about the juicy parts……..And I get a sense of why society is falling apart and allowing the banks and corporations to take a strangle hold on us. (But it’s probably a non-issue, LOL. Hows that for Mansplaining? And for your information lady, there are more deadbeat moms out there than dads. Especially the ones that purposely keep the kids away from dad)  If we don’t start having the hard conversations soon we are gonna be in big trouble. Just sayin

We have taken it too far. Our egoic need for recognition and instant gratification is now becoming a liability. If we accept this lie into our society where will we head to? What other lies will we accept as normal? What the hell is wrong with us and just where are we headed? Why won’t most people take a step back and look at what the hell they are doing? It is time to tell the truth again before shit simply falls apart and we hit rock bottom.

Panache Desai says “we must learn to tell ourselves the truth”. And we need to start listening.


Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | March 30, 2016


He came to me the other day, and said something to me that forever changes the way I look at divorce. He came to me and said “you know, I realized one day that my ex-wife was wrong. The issues that prevented us from having a co-parenting relationship were not all my fault, she also had a huge part to play in our relationship. And since having realized that, I was able to learn that it goes even further. There are more people involved in a divorce than just the parents. there is extended family, and new family as well. And all of those people play a part in the success of the children involved in that particular divorce. In fact, the extended family and new family alike should be able to help bring things together when there is a communication breakdown between the parents”.

And it was at that moment that I thought of you. And I also thought “he’s right”. And I started dissecting why I thought those two things at precisely the same moment, in the same thought.

As the dissecting began, I realized just how right he is. More than just the parents affect a child’s entire life. Even the way a child’s parent is treated affects the child. And although his family has a part to play in all of this as well, they were alienated from the children and had a much different relationship in this situation than you did. So let’s talk about you today, and your involvement with children that were alienated from their father. We will also see how divorce has become more like a battlefield, nobody really caring whose life gets wrecked.

Shortly after he divorced her, your relationship with him seemed to blossom. You even worked with him for a short while, and for a time he became an important part of your family. Important enough that he occasionally gave up his evening to babysit your children, and important enough that he was a surefire way to get your youngest at the time, to sleep. My point is that children do not go to sleep cuddled up with someone they don’t trust. You made him feel like a part of your family when his whole world had just crumbled around him.

He gave you a job, and an unrealistic amount of money offered for your services. During that time you built up a friendship and had many discussions about what was going on in his divorce. You helped give her a nickname, by which every person that used it, knew it was meant to describe how stupid she was being. The negative impact she was having on her children. I was present on more than one occasion when you openly voiced your disgust at some of the choices she was making, commenting on her lack of common sense. You openly stated that the kids should be with him, that they would do better. For a time you were his support system.

And after some time it would come to pass that you would completely turn his world upside down. You tried to steal from him. You ruined relationships between him and some long-term customers. Some of them still to this day do not talk to him. And other customers you just simply stole. You tore the children away from him that were making it bearable to be without his own. And in a matter of hours you helped push him another step closer to the edge, and you helped kill the relationship, what was left of the relationship, between him and his kids. All these years later and now I wonder what happened that you turned on him like that. Why would you start supporting someone who one week before you spoke down about?

He loved his kids, he wanted to be a father, it nearly killed him that he couldn’t. I watched him get sick. It was gross. Not only did he lose everything he ever worked for, he totally lost his mind as well. Science is now proving that when a mammal is forced out of their child’s life it causes massive depression and anxiety. Maybe that explains the way that he was acting and explains what he ended up going through.

And you knew. You knew he was a good father, it was always shown anyway. His kids always did better when they were with him. I heard more than one hockey coach ask him to make sure his son could be with him “this weekend coming up” because of an important game or tournament. Multiple hockey coaches also said “you can tell when the kids are with dad”. That speaks volumes about the type of father he was. When the kids were with him they slept properly, the bags under their eyes went away. They ate better. They got to school on time. They got groomed. Yet he never got to make parenting decisions for them, and no matter which way he tried to communicate with her, she just wouldn’t give. She even refused to give mediation to try. Refused to even give it a try. Who does that? Did you know that he has taken over nine different courses related to communication, with four being specifically related to divorce? Did you know that he is a certified mediator? He did that in order to try to communicate better with her. I’m not kidding, he actually told me that he was going to become a mediator so that he could learn how to communicate with her better, so that in the long run it would be better for their kids. I could go on for days, that guy put his kids first. But you know that. And you still turned your back.

Those kids ended up not even finishing high school, at a time in history when a teacher gets fired for giving a student a zero, even when that student deserves it. How does that even happen? Neither of you ever thought to say anything? They quit sports. Replaced sports with drugs. You didn’t think to yourself to call him? You didn’t think that you should suggest to her that she get him involved? It’s unbelievable really.

He was lied to, he was lied about, he fought tooth and nail to be a father to his children, he embarrassed himself and humiliated himself in an effort to be a father to his children. And he was beat down the entire way. Topping it off was when, in only two years, over 360 text messages and phone calls were not returned. And then she told him that he was the one that turned his back on his kids. Every step a lie. A justification. A shuffling of context. And in the end it turns out to be a blessing. A blessing that he is grateful for every day. For not having had this experience, he would not be the man that he has become. Nor would he have the amazing partner that he does.

But what about the kids? This blog was supposed to be about the kids. He has 20 years on them, of course he’s going to bounce back. (This is kind of the point) But what about the kids? Their whole lives are ahead of them. They have no tools. And they think that what they have witnessed as they have grown up, is normal. Am I supposed to believe that it’s okay to wreck kids lives in order to make their father look bad? Subconsciously they believe that a child is not supposed to have a relationship with their father. They also have other wonderful things going for them now. Like lying. Justification. Blame. Blames a big one. And so is denial. How do these things help the kids? You are both guilty of child abuse, at least being accomplices of child abuse. Those kids were lied to, they were used for revenge, they were used to make him look like the bad guy. And it’s their lives that are going to take more work to fix now.

It was so blatant, I have a hard time believing you didn’t see it for what it was.

Your interaction is a perfect example of how more people than just parents affect children when they live in a divorced situation. And one day, this type of involvement will come with a criminal record and a visit to jail. Parental Alienation is unacceptable, and it is unacceptable that people who can make a difference stand idly by and do nothing. You knew something was wrong, and the fact that you said nothing makes you guilty. Those kids deserved to have a relationship with their father. Those kids deserved to also learn from their father and you helped take that away.

He was right. And you are guilty.

Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | November 15, 2015

Why Does It Hurt So Much?

Because it is the truth.
And sometimes the truth hurts.
Especially if you hide from it.
The truth will find you no matter where you are or what you’re doing or who you’re doing it with. It certainly doesn’t care what your attitude is when it does finally catch up with you. And trust me, the truth will find you. It is impossible, physically impossible, to have a reality that is different from what you want to be happening.
And that is why the truth will catch up with you.

You have been taught to lie, mostly to yourself, but it’s lying nonetheless.
You don’t understand this of course, the simple reason is that you’ve been taught it’s okay.
I don’t think it’s okay.
I want you to know another side. I want you to know my opinion.
Not so that I can be right. But so that you see another side of the story, that is all.
I want you to know that I’m very concerned.
I’m supposed to be concerned.

I know you don’t want to see me, I actually wonder if you hate me.
And that’s okay.
You see, when you were younger I worked my ass off. I did everything I could do for you. Let me clarify, I did everything I was capable of based on my level of knowledge at the time. I was constantly striving to learn more, to be a better father.
And you knew it.
When I look back at things that happened, and things you guys said, you can see it. You can clearly see that you guys knew. And we had a relationship that proved it.
Hate, blame and fear took care of that though didn’t it.

One thing I know for sure, is that you’re going to both wake up one day and say to yourself, “holy shit I really need to sit down and talk to my dad”.
The other thing I know, is that it’s going to be a 50-50 chance whether you call or not.
I want you to know ahead of time that I love you.
Not like, “I love you and want you to feel all warm and fuzzy with purple butterflies and pink unicorns”. No, I love you for real. I am your father and I will love you the best way that a father can.
And there’s a good chance that sometimes my love is going to hurt.
I wish I had had that type of father when I was your age.
I wish I had had that type of male role model even for a little while in my life.

Six years boys. I’m almost 45 years old and I’ve really only been alive for the last six years.
You don’t even know me. I’m just getting to know myself.
I bet you don’t even remember why you don’t want to talk to me.
It’s too bad that you chose not to be in my life.
I know it got hard for a while, but if you had stuck it out you would be able to see things for what they have become. Let me tell you it was worth it.
The people that chose to stand by my side and support me and love me get to be a part of that.
I’m glad I can give them this gift. Even though it was at my own expense, almost my own death.
My own children however, do not get to learn anything from what I went through.
What a shame.
You told me that when I was at the courthouse, your mom did not recognize me because I had shaved my goatee off.
Its important that you know the goatee had nothing to do with it.
Your mom did not recognize the person I was becoming.

Since the day I left you guys, the hardest day of my life.
I tried to be a better father to the point where I made myself look foolish, like an idiot actually.
And I made myself crazy in the process of trying to understand what was going on. Trying to understand why my children were caught in a situation that should not even be happening.
Trying to understand how my divorce had a reality, but also a story that made no sense.
I got to see the very worst way human beings can treat each other, and themselves.

Never again will I ever be a part of the drama.
If seeing my children means I have to be a part of the drama, I won’t do it.
You’re too old now, you’ve been programmed how to think, and you got a story well underway.
Unless you make the choice, nothing will ever change.

What has happened should be against the law. It should be a jail-able offense yet it is denied and swept under the carpet.
It is a business all of us decided to buy into.
The children of this society are paying the price for the money made.
It is why fathers are beaten down promptly and swiftly when we get divorced.
So we don’t have the money or the will to fight back.

The reason that the truth hurts so much boys. Is sometimes because the person giving you the information is speaking the truth, and the universe wants you to listen.
This is why my life hurt so much for so many years. Because I wouldn’t listen and I made things difficult for myself.
I did then, what you are doing now.
I took the easy road.
It didn’t turn out to be so easy after-all.

I was blessed with mistake after mistake in my life. But rather than stay stuck in the negativity that just about consumed my life, I turned it around and realized that human beings can only learn and grow when they make mistakes.
I’ve made more mistakes than anybody I know.
I’m a damn sight smarter than I ever thought I’d ever be.
I can see you and I can see your life and I can see where you’re headed. Your a special kind of stupid if you think that your own father can’t see where your life is headed.
And I can tell you how you got to where you are. And I can even tell you how to recognize what people on the outside can see.

A father is suppose to help his children with these things.
But I can’t do that. I can’t help my children. I can’t help my children to become more successful adults.
I won’t be a part of my children’s successes, and I will be blamed for their failures.
How does that happen when I don’t even see them?

Can someone out there explain to me how my life came to be without my 2 boys in it please.
The truth is I no longer have a relationship with my children even though I busted my ass trying to do just that.
And it hurts more than anything has ever hurt in my entire life.
Parental Alienation is real.
The child abuse that goes along with it is real.

It is time that divorced men stand up and do something.
For themselves and all the children, not just their own.

Posted by: Jaeson D. Rau | January 18, 2015

Why Can’t We Just Be Honest?

For the last five years I have been trying to piece my life back together and figure out what the hell is wrong with our society. Through all this hard work I have finally realized the problem is this.

Nobody is honest anymore!

I know this from experience, from living my life-like this for many, many years. They say you can’t tell the truth until you learn to lie, so I guess I’m qualified. Probably over qualified.  I have been through it, and that is more education than you could ever get from any book. And as I move forward in my new life that I love so much, I look out into society and so often see people living exactly where I used to be. Instead of the truth there is justification, blame, and denial.

For years I have been frustrated at how divorce affects everything, and I have been even more frustrated at how children are affected while we deny anything is wrong. I realize now divorce is not the problem, it is society, and it is in everything. Divorce is just a small piece of the larger whole. But ironically, it is my divorce that taught me so.


While dissecting my life so that I could improve it, I learned that my divorce has had the honesty removed to keep a story going. A story that has absolutely no truth to it. Another lesson that the truth will always come out, sometimes in ways we would rather it not. Finally understanding what was going on in my life, I was able to correlate that to how the general population behave, and the similarities scare the hell out of me.

Everything can be broken down into honesty, doesn’t matter what you are talking about. You can justify anything, even with your own spin on it. But at the end of the day there is honesty. And that has nothing to do with your opinion. Honesty, the truth, just is. There’s no way to argue with it. And I think that’s what scares people away from it, people are scared when they don’t get to put their own spin on it. Their own opinion

If you’re not honest about what you’re doing, everything that comes after is a lie and there is just no way to live any kind of decent life if you do that. And I know this because it’s what happened in my life. let’s think about that for a second, and then let’s think about the millions of kids like mine, that have been taught, yes taught, to live their lives lying, living in blame and denial, having a justification for everything, and basically having no clue how to get through life. Are you scared yet? No? Then you should also consider that those millions of kids have no relationship with their father, they are not being taught those important things that a man teaches, and 95% of the time it’s not because the man does not want to. Nowadays, the 95% of fathers that are not teaching their children what a man is supposed to teach their children are not teaching their children because their wife or ex-wife has pushed them away, and turned their children against him. What the fuck is going on? The millions of kids that are being taught how to live like this are going to become adults one day, and they are supposed to be able to run the show? You better be scared.

As a species on this planet that is certainly headed for self-destruction if we do not change our ways, the truth is needed more now than ever, and we can’t wait a day longer. John 8:32 says “and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free”. Maybe we need to listen to what John had to say before we are responsible for the demise of the human species.

Before you walk away from this blog, I want you to consider what would happen if every divorced person on the planet started being honest. Coming from a place of truth, compassion, cooperation and basically doing what is right for their children. Not what their ego thinks is right, but actually being a good parent and doing right by their children. Considering that divorced people are now a majority of the population, and we need less than 10% of the population to create a tipping point whereby we can change things, divorced people could actually change the world.

Society affects divorce, but because everything is connected, divorce can also affect society.






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